Activities In Mahe Island

Semi Submarine Tour – One of the Best Activities InMahe Island

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago in the western Indian Ocean. With foot mountains, gorgeous beaches, secret coves, and quiet bays, the island retains its idyllic beauty. From hiking to enjoying the nightlife, there are so many things to do in Seychelles Mahe. If you aspire for more fun and adventure, why not go for a semi-submarine tour. Mahe island excursions let you explore the marine life of Seychelles.

One of the most exciting cruises

Mahe island excursions on a semi-submarine are fascinating. You will enter in a marine vessel that is designed to remain above sea level. A hull will take you down to the underwater cabin so that you can view the amazing sea life and reefs of Mahe Island safely. You get a chance to enjoy stunning landscapes, see the beautiful marine life, and even swim near a deserted beach. You can also rent a boat and go fishing in the open sea with your family. Snorkelling and scuba diving is also a great idea for those who are good swimmers. Besides enjoying these activities on Mahe island, you can also try surfing, sailing yachting, and water skies. Eventually, the excursion program includes natural attractions and adventurous activities that make the exquisite trip quite engaging.

Other things to do in Seychelles Mahe

Anse Intendance, Morne Blanc, Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, Copolia Trail, Moyenne Island are the name of few places worth visiting in the town. People who appreciate artwork can travel to the Craft Village. This artisan village showcases various products of the best masters of the island. Each place holds significance that makes the island irresistible in eyes of travellers. Eventually, you can walk around the tranquil water and feel the freshness of the majestic beaches. The island possesses more than 60 beaches. Some of them have retained their original beauty despite the widespread influence of civilization. 

Culture and lifestyle of Mahe island

The island has numerous luxury resorts, beaches with pristine beauty, famous historical sights, and magnificent museums. People who inhabit the destination are helpful and friendly. They welcome visitors with a gentle smile. Most of the local community are Catholics. They believe in the power of rituals and go to church regularly. Regardless, you will also find Hindu temples and mosques here. During the cruise, you will get to know about their culture and enjoy some unforgettable moments. Of course, the trip isn’t complete without dining in its amazing restaurants and enjoying its fantastic nightlife. Local seafood and calou- an alcoholic drink made from coconut water is extremely popular here.

The semi-submersible coral reef viewing tour offers an experience you wouldn’t want to miss with your dear ones. No matter your age, the holiday trip will provide exciting activities In Mahe Island for everyone. You will come across a wide array of corals, granite rocks, sandy plains and colourful seaweed. While you witness a variety of marine life, you might even get the chance to see a swimming, green turtle. To gain a mesmerizing experience, make sure you make the reservations in advance. Get in touch with experienced and reputable tour providers for quality customer service.