Boat Tours in Seychelles — Enjoy Seychelles by Boating

Seychelles is a special country. It’s an island nation composed of over a hundred islands, less than a thousand miles from mainland Africa. Its real charm lies in its uniqueness. Seychelles is home to numerous beaches and coral reefs despite its small size. No wonder many tourists dream of going on a boat tour in Seychelles at least once in their lives.

What’s there to see during a boat tour in Seychelles? Due to the country’s archipelagic nature, you’ll need to travel by sea to reach certain islands. For example, the Curieuse island; which is home to giant tortoises and white-sand beaches and is only accessible by boat from Praslin island.

Tourist attractions such as the Sainte Anne National Marine Park in Sainte Anne Island are also only accessible through a 15-minute boat ride. And don’t think about crossing this island off your list just yet. Sainte Anne National Marine Park was the first-ever national park in the Indian ocean, a must-visit for anyone who lands in the country.

If you’re a nature lover by heart, try visiting Silhouette island’s marine park. You’ll find a massive mist forest that cloaks the peak of Mont Dauban and over 2000 species of birds, chameleons, and turtles roaming freely near the coast.

But what if you’re not outdoorsy and want to go to Seychelles for some pampering and relaxation? We can offer you that, too! You’ll get to spend your time in five-star resorts on different islands while doing activities in your own time.

The best thing about boat tours in Seychelles is that there’s something for everyone. You can opt for the traditional island-hopping excursion that takes you to the must-see attractions around the archipelago, or you go for something daring like the semi-submarine boat tour.

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