Give a new dimension to your Holiday with Seychelles Island Hopping!

If you check into the world map, you will find Seychelles as a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean. The surprising part here is, even it is a tiny country it consists of around 115 islands! So if you are keen to dive into the water, then underwater Seychelles activity is the best you can engage with. It is one of those remote, lovely spots that are frequently seen in movies and located off the coast of East Africa. Every traveler’s dream is with white sand beaches and turquoise seas surrounded by forested mountains.

Some of the reasons why Seychelles is different from others are – Pink Sand Beach in La Digue, Two UNESCO sites, the Rare Black Parrot, best Scuba Diving Destinations, Takamaka Bay Distillery Tour, and many others. However, if you are looking to explore Seychelles marine life, then engage into Seychelles Island hopping!

You will explore different beaches to terrestrial national parks, flora, and fauna to friendly islanders; the tiny island nation is perfect for enjoying your holiday.

One of the exciting things to do in Victoria Seychelles is to take a ride in the semi-submarine. Seychelles Island hopping is worth engaging in. One of the best parts is getting to go underwater and getting close to the Seychelles marine life.

Semi-Submarine Tour

Our Semi-Submarine Seychelles service provides one of Seychelles’ most unique and thrilling experiences. This tour is special because it allows you to explore the underwater beauties of Seychelles seas from the luxury of an air-conditioned underwater cabin rather than the traditional diving, glass-bottom boat, or fishing excursion. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best experiences you will get than boat tours Seychelles.

Book a ride with us after understanding what a Semi-Submarine is?

Semi-submarines are maritime vehicles with hulls that remain below water at all times, giving spectacular views of the reef and sea life below.

They cater to tourists of all ages, unlike other boat tours Seychelles which are limited to adults. Semi- Submarine ride provide a unique and enjoyable experience for couples, friends, and families on Mahe Island. We promise you a safe and pleasant voyage with us since the sort of vessel we have has the best quality, build, and safety criteria of its kind.

Our Semi- Submarine Seychelles Service

To enjoy the semi-submarine service, you need to book your tickets in advance. Our underwater Seychelles service starts at the designated timing. As you set sail on the private 60-minute Eden Island trip, take in the breathtaking vistas of Mahé’s mountain tops, shoreline, and neighboring islands. All in one excursion, cruise into the heart of the Indian Ocean’s oldest marine reserve, the Sainte Anne Marine Park, and experience the enchantment of Seychelles beneath the water. You could even see a turtle or a dolphin if you’re lucky.

With this 60 minutes ride, you will have a whole new experience of island hopping in Seychelles!

The marine drive departs from Eden Island. Eden Island is a 10-minutes drive from the central city of Victoria and the Seychelles International Airport. As your pilot makes his way toward the reef, we’ll start on deck, where you can soak up some sun and breathe in some fresh air. This is the best time to photograph Eden Island and the panoramic vistas of Mahe’s mountain peaks. Once you’ve arrived at the reef, go below deck to relax in the air-conditioned underwater observatory before exploring the underwater treasures of Saint Anne National Park.

As mentioned above, the underwater Seychelles ride is for all ages. The boat is made of non-slip material and has railings all around it. This is to keep kids and adults safe against falling into the water while boarding. You won’t need any specific clothing or shoes to board and you’ll stay dry the entire time. The maximum capacity of 12 people ensures a pleasant journey!

Island Hopping-

One of the interesting things to do in Victoria Seychelles is the island hopping. There are many places to explore in the developing islands. Every year, there are lakhs of tourists explore these islands to enjoy. Listed below are some of the islands to explore:

  • Mahe

One of the biggest islands, Mahe is the home of the smallest capital Victoria. While shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs, take a stroll through Victoria Market or Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market for a unique exhibition of creole culture. Sample local products or savor Seychellois delights as you stroll around the town. Don’t miss to visit the Takamaka Rum Distillery housed in the 200-year-old La Plaine St. Andre estate.

  • Praslin

Praslin is the second biggest island in the archipelago, with beautiful beaches and a fascinating prehistoric nature reserve. A 20-minute quick flight or picturesque 75-minute boat journeys from Mahe are both options. During the expedition, do learn about the endemic world’s biggest seed, the coco-de-mer, as well as the endangered black parrot and other local treasures buried in the floral wonderland.

  • La Digue

After a 15-minute ride from the Praslin, you will reach the La Digue, the perfect island to explore. Electric buggies, bicycle rentals, or the traditional oxcart are the ideal ways to discover the delights of La Digue because there are no automobiles on the island. Explore magnificent coastal vistas in the north of thick jungles. The entire trip in La Digue is not to be missed because you are going to explore many things.

Visit the traditional copra mill, observe the antics of the estate’s Aldabra giant tortoises, or take a stroll around the Plantation House, which is framed by enormous granite rocks amid manicured gardens. The estate also has the original inhabitants of La Digue’s cemetery as well as the renowned Anse Source d’ Argent, one of Seychelles’ most beautiful beaches.

To enjoy this Seychelles Island hopping, the best is to connect with our service who will also offer you the semi-submarine ride experience. The ultimate aim is to give a new dimension to your holiday in Seychelles!